Weekly Lawn Mowing Service

Are you tired of spending your spare time mowing your lawn?
Is your current lawn mowing service falling short of your expectations?
Are you looking for a local, highly experienced company to care for your lawn?

Whatever your reason, JRM Enterprises is here to help.

We have extensive knowledge and experience with commercial and residential lawn care.  We’ve been servicing the Englewood, Littleton, Central and South Denver areas for over 35 years and we know the importance of keeping our customers happy.

Our affordable weekly lawn mowing service includes:

  • Lawn mowing on all selected grass areas of your yard (front yard, side yards, backyard)
  • Trimming and edging along driveways, concrete patios, and sidewalks
  • Blowing debris from driveways and sidewalks
  • String trimming around obstacles
  • Your choice of bagging or mulching lawn clippings
We can help build that beautiful lawn that is heat, drought, and stress tolerant.  Ask us about our other services including aeration, fertilization, weed control,  irrigation installation, sprinkler repair as well as a host of other landscaping services.

How much does lawn mowing cost?

The average cost for us to mow a lawn in the Englewood and Littleton area is $28 per week.  If you're struggling to keep your lawn looking it’s best, don’t have enough time on the weekends or just find your time is better spent doing something else, give us a call.

How long should you let your grass get before mowing?

Experts agree, with a healthy growing lawn, you should mow at least once a week.  That’s because you should never cut more than a third of its lengths at one time. This could shock your grass, causing stress damage. Mowing often doesn't mean you should cut your lawn too short. Your grass is a lot like other plants.  Plants need leaves to create energy and so does grass.  If you cut it too low, you will damage it and force the grass to absorb energy through its roots.  Unfortunately, drawing energy from its root system is only a temporary solution.  If you continue to mow grass to low, you will dramatically hinder its growth and over time may damage your lawn.  Most lawns should be cut to around 2.5" or more.  Some specialty turfs may be able to be cut lower depending on the specific variety of grass and fertilization formula.  A perfect example would be a putting green.

Call today

We can give you a rough estimate over the phone and give you a firm quote once we’ve looked at your property. 
Lawn care starts with regular maintenance.
Regular maintenance requires a reliable service.
Reliable service starts with JRM Enterprises.
It’s time to STOP worrying about your lawn and START enjoying it!
Service Area: Castle Rock, Englewood, Centennial, Denver Central and South, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, and Lone Tree.

Commercial Properties

In additional to residential lawn care we also offer professional lawn maintenance and landscape services for your commercial properties.  Please give us a call on your next landscape or lawn maintenance project.