If you want the ultimate in thick beautiful green grass or if your grass has been compromised by disease, insects or weeds, you may want to look into overseeding as part of a complete lawn makeover.


Overseeding is perfect for filling in those pesky bare spots, increasing the density of your lawn or changing the balance in the varieties of grass that make up your turf.  The process of overseeding is planting additional grass seeds into your existing lawn.  Lawns naturally seed themselves but sometimes adding a complementary variety of grass seed makes all the difference in world. We can help build that dense, green, drought tolerant turf you’ve been dreaming of.


Reasons for overseeding your lawn:


  • Overseeding can build a thick dense turf-grass. A perfect solution to prevent a thinning lawn.
  • People often overseed for seasonal reasons, including drought tolerance, winter greening and summer growth
  • Overseed may help you recover from turf damage as a result of lawn disease, bugs, or weeds
  • Overseeding can help you achieve the ideal variety or mix of of grass without having to tear out and replace your existing lawn.  


Before you think of tearing out your old lawn and installing a new one, consider overseeding.


What is the best time to overseed your lawn?

The best time to overseed is in the spring and fall after aeration.


Ask us about the varieties of grasses available for the Denver front range.


Colorado turf-grass varieties include: