Lawn Aeration

When your lawn looks lackluster and dry and you’re looking to get to the root of the problem – sometimes it’s just that – the roots.


Core aeration is a critical part of root building. Roots require air, water, and nutrients. Colorado is known for its hard clay soils.  Especially areas like Englewood, Littleton, and Centennial, where many of our customers are located. Clay soil can prevent water and air absorption, and root growth both of which play a major role in the health of your lawn.  Unfortunately when you have clay in the ground, adding more water only complicates the process of getting air into the soil and roots. Aeration can go a long way towards solving this problem.  Aeration is also necessary when you have excess thatch (small pieces of dead grass) reducing air to the roots and hindering water absorption.

Lastly, aeration is the perfect way to prepare your lawn for overseeding.  Overseeding after aeration can build a thicker turf and help minimize weed growth.We recommend making aeration part of your complete lawn care program.


What is lawn aeration?

Lawn aeration is the process of extracting plugs of dirt from your lawn.  The aerating machine punches through the layer of thatch and pulls cylindrically shaped soil plugs from the ground.  This leaves holes for air, water and nutrients to enter the ground.  It also loosens the soil and provides room for additional root growth.


What are the benefits of lawn aeration?

Our lawn aeration program will help air exchange between the soil and atmosphere by penetrating through the layer of thatch and hard soil.  What’s more is it increases water uptake, allows nutrients to go deep into the soil, helps prevent water runoff, and builds a stronger more drought-resistant root system for your lawn.


When should you aerate?

In Colorado, we recommend in the spring and fall.


How often should you aerate?

With a well-maintained lawn that gets regular fertilizer, once a year.  If you have a lot of clay in your soil or you get a lot of foot traffic, you may want to aerate twice in a year.  The best time to aerate your lawn in Colorado is usually in the spring or fall.  


How much does lawn aeration cost?

We charge on average $40, depending on the size of the yard.