Sod installation

Is it time to install a new lawn?

Sod Installation is a great alternative to seeding.  Sod is pre-grown grass that is grown to maturity and delivered to your home.  Sod can be planted almost any time during the growing season and best of all, you can be enjoying your new turf in as little as a few weeks.


When having sod installed, make sure you properly prepare your area for the installation of new grass.  An improperly prepared lawn bed will be lumpy and may not have the right soil properties to provide the best opportunity to thrive.  The last thing you want is to install sod on ill-prepared bed of soil.


keys to successful sod installation

  • Carefully prepare soil
  • Choose the best variety of sod for your area and conditions
  • Use a lawn roller after laying down your sod
  • Watering consistently until the newly planted sod takes hold.


We’ve been installing grass in Englewood, Littleton, Centennial and South Denver since 1983, so we know a thing or two about installing turf.  


Before we install sod for our customers, we start by making sure we have good soil or use the proper soil amendments.  Then we fine grade the area to make sure you have a nice smooth base.  Lastly we add a soil treatment of fertilizer to optimize the root growth of the soon to be installed turf.  Once everything is ready, we will install the strips of new turf according to the type of area we are covering.  Making sure we work with any hills or obstacles. The optimum look and erosion resistance is achieved by staggering the joints of the newly planted sod. After a few weeks of watering, your new lawn will be ready for enjoyment


Should I use seeds or sod to start a new lawn?


Time: Sod is the big winner when it comes to time savings.  The sod farm grows the grass with the optimum water and fertilizer schedule to grow strong dense roots.  It takes a lot of time and dedication to have equal success starting with seeds.


Grass variety: With seeds, you will have more choice on the types of grass you can choose.  However, in less your are looking for something out of the ordinary, you may find exactly what you’re looking for in sod.

Soil preparation: Soil preparation is similar but seeds require much more attention for a much longer period of time than sod.


Cost: Sod costs more than seed if you don’t count your time. Seed is much less expensive because you are not paying someone to grow it for you.  However, it will take much longer and lots of care to get seed to the same point as the pre-grown sod. Most customer prefer sod if they have the budget.
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